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Chris Ranck Senior Brainspotting Trainer

I only recommend resources I have either used myself or have created to help you and your clients.  There’s no hype or fluff here—just the very best stuff that we’ve found to be essential to your success.

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Essential reading to help you learn about and apply this highly effective and creative therapy technique from those who have been using it from the beginning.

Ignite The Genius Within by Christine Ranck

Ignite The Genius Within co-authored by Dr Christine Ranck

A self improvement book like nothing you’ve ever seen-or heard. This is a book and audio production that bring an insight-boosting method to change the way you think and maximize your creative potential. When asking the brain to communicate with itself differently, new neural networks and thought pathways form, and people begin to be able to see events and ideas through different lenses.

You can try out the groundbreaking possibilities of this book and Get Ignited yourself by visiting this page.

Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand

Dr. Grand, discoverer and developer of Brainspotting, reveals the key insight that allowed him to develop this revolutionary therapeutic tool: that where we look reveals critical information about what's going on in our brain. With Brainspotting, this pioneering researcher introduces an invaluable tool that can support virtually any form of therapeutic practice―and greatly accelerate our ability to heal.

The curious voyage by cynthia schwartzberg

The Curious Voyage: A Rule-Breaking Guidebook to Authenticity by Cynthia Schwartzberg

You are the Captain of your Ship of Life. How you chart the course has to do with how you experience life. This book is set up as a voyage that will guide you to living beyond the "supposed to's" and living a creative life no matter what your outer vocation may be. You are guided to become aware, evaluate, edit, and in some cases re-write the rulebook of your life.

This Is Your Brain On Sports co-authored by Dr. David Grand

Illustrates how professional, elite, collegiate and junior athletes have been freed for good from this silent "epidemic" of performance blocks and anxiety.

The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge

Overthrowing the centuries-old notion that the human brain is immutable, and proving that it is, in fact, possible to change your brain.

The Power Of Brainspotting

International anthology by BSP Trainers based on their actual Brainspotting experiences. One chapter on Brainspotting and Creativity was written by Christine Ranck.

An Adventure Into The Mind by Dr. Mark Grixti

Written for young children. This clever book introduces the powerful and effective Brainspotting process through a beautifully illustrated, playful rhyming approach.

Brainspotting with children and adolescents

Brainspotting With Children And Adolescents by Monica Baumann

In this book, readers will find the focus of Brainspotting in the work with (very) young clients and patients.

Exploring My Identity(ies) by Mx. Van Ethan Levy

This interactive book helps you learn supportive and affirming ways to engage with yourself and others while unlearning harmful lessons, messages, and behaviors.

My Grandmother's Hands by Resmaa Menakham

My Grandmother's Hands is a call to action that introduces an alternative view of what we can do to grow beyond our entrenched racialized divide.

structure and function of the brain

Structure and Function of the Brain

This written course outlines the location and functions of the lower-level structures of the brain

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

Exposes the tremendous power of our relationships both to hurt and to heal—and offers new hope for reclaiming lives.

Aten Goes To Counseling

Aten Goes To Couseling: Brainspotting and Parts Work With Children

Pages of opportunities to engage the client in their personal journey through two storylines of bright and vibrant illustrations​

Bilateral Music

Most of these Bilateral Soundtracks are sold at Amazon and have sample tracks available.

Brainspotting Tools

Essential tools to help you succeed with Brainspotting.

brainspotting pointer

White-Tip Brainspotting Pointer

Heavy-duty extendable pointer with white tip. Extends 3 feet.

Red-Tip Brainspotting Pointer

Heavy-duty extendable pointer with red tip. Extends to 4 feet.

3B 5-part brain model

3B Scientific Brain Model

5-part brain model cast from a human brain. Comes with a removable stand.

Pencil Toppers for your Pointer

Colorful toppers for your Brainspotting pointer.

trataka meditations

Music for Trataka Meditations

Closely aligned with brainspotting, Trataka is based on the condept of still eyes, still mind.

curable pain app

Curable - An app-based approach to pain relief

You've tried it all, but the pain remains. Discover how Curable is (very) different.

Walter Products B10401-3 Human Brain Model,

VEVOR Human Brain Model

9-Part Life Sized Model of Human Brain - Anatomically Correct Model w/Display Base & Color-Coded Arteries.

Varipet Crockoduck

The VariPets CrocoDuck was discovered by using Brainspotting. The CrocoDuck allows children to play and open up about their traumatic experiences, and helps them to control their feelings and get their self-healing going.

Brainspotting and Other Specialized Courses

Explore Brainspotting with these courses and videos curated to help you deepen your understanding and practice of Brainspotting.

Working with DID

This online course is recorded by Pasadena Trauma Therapy Inc. You will learn to identify and successfully treat the different forms of Dissociative Identity Disorder. CEU's included. Geared towards mental health professionals interested in developing their skills in treating clients with chronic trauma related dissociative disorders

Embodied Learning Circles

A group to join for support. Each meeting will focus on a specific set-up (from all the trainings). Nancy Tung, a certified BSP trainer, is a wonderful and kind teacher. A small fee is required. Highly recommended.

Neurobiology for Trauma- and Brainspotting Therapists

Neurobiology for Trauma- and Brainspotting Therapists

Dutch presentation with live English tranlation. Dr. Dr. Damir del Monte brings together startling evidence from neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry to present new insights into how the brain works and what happens in stress, trauma, and pain in body and brain.

Brainspotting on Sounds True

With Brainspotting, pioneering therapist , David Grand, Ph.D., offers a four-session, self-paced course on this revolutionary method for harnessing the brain's own self-scanning system to help us locate and resolve old trauma, overcome obstacles to physical performance, and unleash our full creativity.

Brainspotting and Pain with Erick Sandstadt

Brainspotting And Pain

A free one hour webinar with Erick Sandstadt on using Brainspotting to understand and alleviate pain. This webinar was produced by Southeast Brainspotting Institute and Cynthia Schwartzberg.

The quarantine has made Zoom ubiquitous.  But video conferencing won’t end with the end of quarantine.  Zoom is here to stay – so learn how to look your best!

Quest to Understand Consciousness

A Ted Talk by Antonio Damasio, founder and director of the USC Brain and Creativity Institute. Mr. Damasio is a leader in understanding the biological origin of consciousness. He also argues that emotions, far from being barriers to it, are a crucial component of decision-making.

How to Look Better On Zoom

Brainspotting Organizations

Brainspotting is a creative and continually evolving therapy.  Network with fellow Brainspotters and share insights, success stories, questions and tips.