Ignite The Genius Within


Jump start hope, kick your creativity into high gear, and explode your definition of the possible!

Ignite The Genius Within is a self improvement book like nothing you’ve ever seen-or heard. This is a book and audio production that bring an insight-boosting method to change the way you think and maximize your creative potential.

Recommended by the American Psychological Association, Ignite The Genius Within works on two different levels.

  1. Powerful images accompanied by penetrating questions challenge you to think deeply and concentrate ony our ideas and beliefs.
  2. Then the sound track uses bilateral music and sounds that resonate from one side of your headphones to the other. The movement  stimulates both sides of your brain which not only relaxes you, it also stimulates creativity.

When asking the brain to work differently, new neural networks and thought pathways form.  You begin to see events and ideas through different lenses.

The unique Ignite The Genius Within process heightens awareness and mindfulness and allows users the rare opportunity to take control of and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

Ignite the genius you’ve always had within you!

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There’s a new experience waiting for you!

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The audio player below plays a full-length audio segment from the Get Ignited soundtrack that accompanies Ignite The Genius Within book.

This works best when you listen through headphones.

  1. Attach earphones to your device and play the soundtrack on low volume – loud enough for you to recognize distinct sounds, but soft enough so that it comes through mostly as background.  The soundtrack will alternate from your left ear to your right ear. This movement puts you in a relaxed but alert state that helps you more easily recognize yourself in the images.
  2. There are six images in the slider below.  The image will change every few seconds.  You can let them continue to change in front of your eyes or you can hover over an image to make the it stop.
  3. Take in the image for as long as you like.
  4. Close your eyes and allow your mind to wander off.  Don’t try to do anything.  Just daydream and free associate using the questions as a starting place.  Let whatever happens happen for as long as you want it to happen.  Trust that whatever comes to mind is relevant.
  5. When you are ready, open your eyes.
  6. Take note of any changes that begin happening in your life.
  7. Click here to buy the book and music!
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