How To Get Brainspotting Certification

brainspotting certification with Christine Ranck

Brainspotting certification gives you, as a mental health professional, an opportunity to collaborate with some of the most forward-thinking and creative therapists working in mental health today.

Brainspotting is a fluid, highly attuned mental health therapy model that allows a therapist to provide targeted guidance to clients.  This level of focus in therapy brings rapid trauma relief, jumpstarts creativity, and brings support for performance enhancement in any field.

Benefits of Brainspotting Certification

The Brainspotting certification process moves you through a collaborative learning process, allows continuing education units, intrinsically includes valuable networking opportunities, and, in the end, provides you with the confidence to use Brainspotting to bring breakthroughs to your most complex and challenging cases.

Brainspotting Certification Process

Here’s how you can achieve Brainspotting certification:

  • Complete the Brainspotting Phase 1 and Brainspotting Phase 2 courses. Each course is a 3-day training led by one or more Certified Brainspotting Instructors. Click here to explore Dr. Ranck’s upcoming Phase 1 and Phase 2 trainings.
  • Complete the Brainspotting Certification Application and select the supervisor of your choice.
  • Complete six or more hours of consultation with an Advanced Brainspotting Practitioner. The last hour of this consultation includes a formal review of your BSP skills and is documented in a consultation form.
  • Complete fifty or more hours of practice using Brainspotting with your clients. You will document each BSP session.
  • Pay the $150 certification fee to Brainspotting Trainings, LLC.
  • Your Certification Application and documentation are reviewed and your Certification awarded by Brainspotting Trainings, LLC.

Start Your Brainspotting Certification Adventure Today

We have included all the forms required for Brainspotting certification as downloads on this page.

To begin your Brainspotting certification adventure, contact Christine Ranck today.