Advanced Brainspotting Training

Brainspotting is a rapidly and creatively developing therapy technique.  One reason it is so effective is that it draws on the experiences of therapists who actively use BSP in their practices. Advanced Brainspotting training provides the opportunity to hone your Brainspotting skills.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 trainings will provide everything you need to know to start using Brainspotting with clients confidently and competently.  Advanced Brainspotting training is where you will find the most innovative therapies available.  You will learn about research studies and advancements in the application of Brainspotting.

There are currently 4 advanced Brainspotting training courses. These classes will  help you network with fellow therapists, share your ideas, your difficult case studies, your success stories, and get all of your questions answered.

All advanced Brainspotting Training is taught personally by Dr. David Grand.  To find a schedule of upcoming advanced BSP courses, visit this page.

Advanced Brainspotting Training Descriptions

Phase 3 Brainspotting Training

Phase 3 Brainspotting Training is an advanced 3-day training. The first 2 days cover the most recently developed Brainspotting techniques. These first 2 days are not a repeat of the Phase 1 & 2 trainings, but rather new material. The 3rd day covers how to use BSP to improve Performance and Creativity.

Day 1:  

Advanced Gazespotting, Advanced Z Axis BSP (BrainSweeps and Proximity)

Day 2:

Doublespotting, PartSpotting

Day 3 (AM):

The BSP Sports Trauma Model (outlined in THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SPORTS by Grand and Goldberg) will be taught and demonstrated with an elite athlete. The 15 Guidelines to Performance and Creativity Expansion will be presented

Day 3 (PM):

Applications of Creativity Expansion will be presented, including a demonstration of BSP Acting Coaching with a professional actor who will deliver a monologue.

Seminar Objectives

  •  Participants will learn and be able to apply, in their clinical practices, advanced BSP techniques including: Inside/Outside BSP, DoubleSpotting, Advanced Gazespotting, Advanced Z Axis BSP (BrainSweeps and Proximity and PartSpotting
  •  Participants will learn and be able to utilize BSP Performance Expansion Model, especially the BSP Sports Trauma Model
  •  Participants will learn and be able to apply BSP Creativity Expansion Model, including BSP Acting Coachin

Phase 4 Brainspotting Training

Phase 4 Brainspotting Training is a 3-day  advanced, evolved, innovative training in Brainspotting. This training presents three in-depth analyses of video-recorded client sessions. The sessions change with each Phase 4 training and are chosen from videos by Dr. Grand and those submitted by training participants.

Morning Schedule

Each morning a video of a Brainspotting session will be presented by Dr. Grand.  He will carefully analyze the client issues, the choices made by client and therapist, and the results of the session. These analyses are made interaction by interaction with a high level of trainee participation.

Afternoon Schedule

During each afternoon Dr. Grand will present three different advanced Brainspotting techniques, including Dreamspotting, the Expansion Model, and Bodyspotting.  Each technique will be taught with PowerPoint lecture, a live demo and a participant practicum.


The Phase 4 Brainspotting Training is highly individualized.  It provides a unique opportunity to learn techniques directly from the discoverer of Brainspotting, Dr. David Grand.

Advanced Brainspotting Training with Dr. David Grand

Brainspotting Master Class

The Brainspotting Master Class is an opportunity for Brainspotting therapists to learn Brainspotting the way David Grand uses it in his office.

The learning opportunities are designed to teach participants the open, integrative, free-form approach Dr. Grand uses with clients in all diagnostic categories, including Dissociative and Attachment Disorders.

The format includes multiple experiential sessions with attendees.  These sessions focus on challenging case studies brought in by attendees. 

You will experience roll-playing how to work with these specific challenging situations and will teach the newest Brainspotting innovations.  As always, every session  includes lively and open Q and A segments.

To date, David has only taught this mode of learning in the Intensive Trainings he conducts . This 3-day Master Class provides expanded groups the opportunity to study the most advanced, creative, clinical applications of Brainspotting.

Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2 are recommended for attendance.

Brainspotting Intensive Training

Dr. David Grand, founder and developer of BSP, devised the 5-day Brainspotting (BSP) Intensive Training to provide the ultimate learning experience for BSP therapists.

Each training includes a maximum of 10 participants and the schedule is five full consecutive days.

The course is designed around twelve experiential sessions that take place in the center of the group.  Each participant role plays the therapist once and client once.

Dr. Grand sits next to the therapist in each experiential session. He personally teaches by guiding the therapist in the most attuned, technically advanced and innovative Brainspotting process.

Afterwards, Dr. Grand guides a debriefing session to extensively enhance the learning process.

In sum, the Brainspotting Intensive Training is a master class in developing skills as an advanced clinical BSP therapist.