For Therapists

I came away from the Brainspotting workshop full of wonder and gratitude. Christine Ranck, Cynthia and all the assistants did a stupendous job through the teachings and by example. Not only did old hurts shift into neutral but I actually was aware of an internal tune up or upgrade as a healer from the inside out. Again I am so appreciative to you as a healer and cherish your beautiful nature.
Marianne Hennigar

Resources for Helping Professionals

Christine Ranck Brainspotting Training
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People who enroll for a Brainspotting training with Christine Ranck routinely leave with a rich and unique collection of professional tools to bring clients a new level of freedom from both physical and emotional pain. In the process many accidentally find a profound sense of healing for themselves.

Professionals from across the healing spectrum are discovering the astounding power of Brainspotting to attune with clients, delve more deeply into complex cases, and bring true healing and relief to trauma victims regardless of how long-standing the trauma is.

Apart from healing trauma, professionals from all walks of life are finding how much more easily they can tap into creative potential by using Brainspotting as a coaching tool.

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