"Where you look affects how you feel."

I came away from the Brainspotting workshop full of wonder and gratitude. Christine, Cynthia and all the assistants did a stupendous job through the teachings and by example. Not only did old hurts shift into neutral but I actually was aware of an internal tune up or upgrade as a healer from the inside out. Again I am so appreciative to you as a healer and cherish your beautiful nature.
Marianne Hennigar

Christine Ranck, Ph.D.

Christine Ranck Brainspotting Trainer
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Throughout Christine’s rich and diverse career background as an actor, singer, author, and an internationally recognized therapist, teacher and speaker, her focus has been on creativity. 

Now, Dr. Ranck brings the breakthrough potential of Brainspotting to a larger audience through her work as a Brainspotting trainer and speaker.

“Each of us has everything we need already inside of us. 

Healing is a highly creative act, and creativity spontaneously flows once you take the blocks away.

Brainspotting, with its direct access to the body and the deepest parts of the mind,  pulls traumatic memories from the subconscious to the surface and quickly resolves them.

It re-connects us with our most creative selves. And when our inner vision changes, everything in our outside world is also transformed.”  — Christine Ranck

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Best Online Training

"Thanks so much, Christine! That was the Best professional training I've ever attended, I was so impressed with you and Pie, with brain spotting in general and also with your ability to make this so powerful over zoom!!"
Marissa Tuchi
"I have never felt so safe and accepted in a training, which makes the learning easy and transformative!! Online trainings can feel so distant, but in your trainings, I truly felt more seen and connected than any in-person training I have ever been to."
Heather Wynn LMFT
Heather Wynn

Brainspotting Training & Certification

Brainspotting Training

Brainspotting trainings are a series of intensive 3-day course packed with life-changing and professionally elevating experiences. People who attend Christine Ranck’s Brainspotting training classes routinely walk away personally and professionally transformed and with a new set of tools for changing lives.

Brainspotting Certification

Brainspotting certification gives you, as a mental health professional, an opportunity to collaborate with some of the most forward-thinking and creative therapists working in mental health today.

Brainspotting is a fluid, highly attuned mental health therapy model that allows a therapist to provide targeted guidance to clients. This level of focus in therapy brings rapid trauma relief, jumpstarts creativity, and brings support for performance enhancement in any field.